If I Were Ever to Write an Autobiography


A long-standing joke on my side of the family is that everyone has their own “book.” If they were to write one about themselves, that is. My Dad’s would be “Look, an Iridescent Bug!” my mom’s would be “People are Idiots,” my sister’s would be “Wait, What?”  my brother’s would be “Life is Weird…” my husband’s would be “And Then, They Gave Me a Million Dollars!” and mine would be “How Did I Get Here?”

The Table of Contents would follow –

   1. If Only My Van Had a Torpedo – Rodent Extermination, Idiot Elimination

   2. Concerning Toddlers and Other Explosives

   3. We Need to Eat Dinner Again?

   4. On Husbands and Why Mine is a Superhero

   5. I Wish My Smartphone Wasn’t My Brain

   6. Girlfriends of Gold

   7. Who Woke Up the Baby and Do They Have Life Insurance?

   8. Must Create All the Things!!!

   9. Dark Chocolate, Gin and Yogurt

   10. C’mere Kid, Mama’s Gotta Change You Again…


What would your book be?

Hope your day is laughable.



One comment on “If I Were Ever to Write an Autobiography

  1. Aubrey says:

    Haha love this! I look forward to chapter 5!


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