Hi, I’m Natalie

Welcome! I’m thankful you’re here.

I am Natalie, wife to Caleb, and mama of four active littles, age five and under.

I live in the big, beautiful woods of Indiana, where I am striving to be a minimalist, a homeschooling mama, a self-learner and maker of All The Things, and above all, a person who seeks light, truth and goodness, as I am learning to live the Orthodox Way.

Here is an exemplary quote I love from Elder Thaddeus (Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives). I find it to be instrumental in redirecting my focus and keeping all of Life in perspective for me.

“We should try to have good thoughts which will radiate from us. A meek and humble person is always very pleasant to be with, for he emanates peace and warmth. That person may not say a single word, yet we rejoice to be in his presence. So, if we all begin with ourselves, transformation will take place. Goodness will be renewed and established all around us, in our country and further abroad.”

I hope all you find here is a reflection of this.

May God bless you always, and especially today.


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