Delight in Them

                              • • • 

I want to share my journal entry this morning. This just flowed out of the pen, somehow. And I will be rereading it every morning to set myself right for each coming day. 

God bless you always, and especially today!

                               • • • 

“Today, I will delight in my children. Today, I will hold them and read to them. Today, they will know that I love them by the way I draw them near to me. Today, I will discover alongside them and take joy in their exploration of the world around them. Today, I will pray for them. Today, I will bless them with my gentleness, my patience, my willingness. Today, I will love them with my eyes, my expression, my touch, my voice. Today, I will be a living example of Christ’s love to them.” 

                                • • • 

2 comments on “Delight in Them

  1. Bradleigh says:

    That’s a beautiful reminder to focus on what’s most important!


  2. hannah e vazquez says:

    Beautiful Natalie! A good reminder for all mothers!



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